Premium Slurry Seal


Learn about the benefits of Premium Slurry Seal

eFlex ES is a premium slurry seal emulsion. It is mixed with crushed aggregate, mineral filler, water and other additives, and simultaneously applied using a mobile mix paver. Due to its high level of polymer modification, eFlex ES provides increased durability and resistance over conventional and modified slurries, and also ensures a continually high friction surface for safer commutes. eFlex ES is designed to protect various pavement types—including cul-de-sacs, residential streets, collectors, arterials, and larger parking lots—from significant scuffing and tearing early on, as well as from long-term exposure to extreme weather and snowplows.

At an average cost of $2.75 per square yard, premium slurry seal allows for a life extension of roughly six to eight years at a fraction of the cost of major road reconstruction.

eFlex ES is Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions’ premium slurry seal treatment.

Best Practices

  • Follow a prepared mix design.
  • Seal all cracks ¼” or greater prior to application.
  • If required, use high-quality patching material and methods.
  • Calibrate all equipment.
  • Assure spreader box has augers or paddles to keep the mix moving.
  • Remove thermoplastic stripes and markings prior to application.
  • Consult the ISSA Inspectors Manual for guidance.