Hot In-Place Recycling


Learn about the benefits of Hot In-Place Recycling Treatments

Did you know that cracked and damaged roadways can be reused to create new roadways? Hot In-Place Recycling (HIR) heats the damaged roadway to over 300 degrees, then combines it with a rejuvenating agent (or virgin asphalt) before compacting the mix. Then it can be overlaid with a new asphalt layer if additional strength is required, or simply sealed with a chip seal, micro surfacing or thin lift asphalt mix. This method helps maintain the structural integrity of the top 2” of roadway while using less material.

HIR can extend the life of a roadway by roughly 7-15 years, at an average cost of $8.00 per square yard (which includes the cost of the required wearing coarse), making HIR one of the most cost-effective ways to completely resurface a road. The entire HIR process only takes a few hours, which means it’s not only fast and cost-effective, but also easier on the traveling public.

HIR should only be used on pavement that requires a structural upgrade or exhibits large cracks, ruts or loss of friction.

Best Practices

  • Sample the roadway prior to operation.
  • Identify any existing patching materials present in the roadway.
  • Confirm that sub grade issues do not cause pavement distresses.
  • Calibrate prior to undertaking operation.
  • Allow the mat to cool prior to allowing traffic onto the new surface.

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