Ultra Thin Lift Overlay


Learn about the benefits of Ultra Thin Lift Overlay Treatments

Applying a fresh coat of paint is a simple, cost-effective way to repair minor aesthetic issues on a house. Ultra thin lift overlays provide a similar benefit for roads. Ultra thin lift overlays address functional problems as part of pavement preservation, as opposed to increasing the overall strength of a pavement structure. This treatment is recognized as surface mixes of 1.0” or less compacted-thickness used as part of a simple overlay or as part of a mill and fill operation.

At an average cost of $4.00 per square yard, ultra thin lift overlays allow for an increase in the lifespan of any type of roadway by roughly 8-10 years for a low life-cycle cost. They also can be recycled, restore skid resistance and be quickly placed to provide a quiet, smooth roadway that can handle heavy traffic. By treating minor distresses, the cost of road upkeep is far lower than waiting until a major rehabilitation is needed.

If unsealed cracks larger than a quarter inch or ruts greater than a half inch are present, a ultra thin lift overlay is not sufficient and other treatments may be needed.

Best Practices

  • Use a prepared mix design.
  • Clean pavement prior to beginning operation.
  • Seal cracks larger than ¼”.
  • Apply proper bond coat.
  • Assure the mix is at a proper temperature.
  • Establish and follow roller pattern.
  • Allow the mat to cool prior to returning traffic to the road.

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