Conventional Fog Seal


Learn about the benefits of Conventional Fog Seal Treatments

The best time to prevent a problem is before it becomes a problem. Similar logic can be applied to road preservation. Conventional fog seals, which are diluted asphalt emulsions applied to the road via distributor truck before signs of pavement distress appear, help to renew the surface asphalt and extend the life of the roadway.

At an average cost of $0.40 per square yard, a conventional fog seal can extend the life of a roadway by roughly 1-2 years, making it one of the most cost-effective preventative maintenance treatments.

A conventional fog seal’s primary purpose is pavement preservation. It can be used on all road types to address mild oxidation, raveling and seal hairline cracks.

A conventional fog seal should not be used on surfaces with low friction resistance and should be used with caution on surfaces carrying traffic over 35mph.

According to a study completed by the Federal Highway Administration entitled “Prevention is the Cure,” the use of fog seals is an easy and cost-effective way to delay roadway breakdowns and further postpone major construction and rehabilitation.

Best Practices

  • Dilute at a 1:1 ratio with warm water at the emulsion plant.
  • After dilution, the seal should be applied to the roadway as soon as possible.
  • The surface that will receive the seal should be cleaned and prepared.
  • Seal cracks ¼” or greater prior to or after application.
  • Always allow a full cure before allowing traffic to return to prevent tracking.

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