Learn about the benefits of Patching Treatments

Adhesive bandages are used to fix a problem; patching a road follows the same idea. While patching does not necessarily help extend the life of the roadway, it does directly address areas of pavement failure and delays major reconstruction.

ePatch, a patching treatment developed by Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, provides more adhesion, durability, flexibility and extension than a conventional patch.

If an area of a road degrades to a point where driver safety is the prevailing concern, patching may be necessary. The size of the pavement failure directly correlates to the amount of ePatch you will need. While it is typically more expensive to reconstruct roadways, ePatch only costs an average of $90 per ton, which makes it a relatively inexpensive way to address pavement failures.

ePatch can be used on a variety of surfaces, including airfield runways and taxiways, interstate highways, state and county highways and parking lots.

Best Practices

  • Affected area should be cleaned of loose material prior to applying ePatch.
  • ePatch should be applied slightly above the pavement grade.
  • Consolidate material with tamp, shovel, or vehicle tire.
  • Excess mixture should be removed from the area surrounding the patch.
  • Traffic may be returned immediately.

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