Premium Chip Seal


Learn about the benefits of Premium Chip Seal Treatments

These days, faster is always better. Premium chip seals solve the need for instant gratification with regards to roadway maintenance and rehabilitation. Premium chip seals work similarly to modified chip seals in their ability to maintain and update roadways – but with a significantly diminished curing time.

At an average cost of $2.45 per square yard, premium chip seals provide roughly 6-7 years of life extension, making it a cost-effective and extremely timely way to perform roadway maintenance or upgrades.

Oxidation, top down fatigue cracks, raveling or loss of friction can be treated with premium chip seals. They can also be used to pave gravel roads at an even faster pace than conventional or modified chip seals.

While premium chip seals are a desirable method of pavement preservation because of their quick curing times, they should never be used on unsealed cracks ¼” or greater or ruts deeper than ⅜".

Best Practices

  • Follow a prepared design.
  • Prior to application, seal cracks larger than ¼”.
  • Use a single size, clean stone for aggregate.
  • Make adjustments to target rates on site depending on field conditions.
  • Ensure equipment is properly calibrated and that stone is not over applied.
  • All traffic, including construction equipment, should be controlled to less than 35mph until final sweeping.

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