Rejuvenating Scrub Seal


Learn about the benefits of Rejuvenating Scrub Seal Treatments

A tune-up can keep the engine of an old car running well at a fraction of the cost of a rebuild. Similarly, eScrub prolongs the life of severely distressed roadways that may seem beyond repair. eScrub, a rejuvenating scrub seal developed by Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, is a highly modified asphalt binder that is applied over the existing pavement, followed by a layer of aggregate chips that are rolled and embedded into the modified binder. eScrub bridges the gap between routine road maintenance and performing major roadway construction by employing a simultaneous apply and scrub method that can be used to eliminate mass cracking and improve quality and durability on roadways in high distress.

At an average cost of $2.65 per square yard, eScrub is able to extend the life of a severely distressed roadway by roughly 6-7 years at less than half the cost of removing and replacing the structure. Specifically, eScrub can repair severe oxidation, top down fatigue cracks, loss of friction and raveling. It can also seal moderate bottom up working cracks. While eScrub can be used in places most scrub seals cannot, it cannot be used where ruts are greater than ⅜”.

Best Practices

  • Follow a prepared design.
  • Clean pavement prior to application of binder.
  • Calibrate equipment properly.
  • Adjust broom to provide a 6” wave of emulsion in front of broom heads.
  • Stop emulsion application 50-100 feet from end point to allow broom sled to empty.
  • All traffic, including construction equipment, should be controlled to less than 35mph until final sweeping.

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