Full Depth Reclamation


Learn about the benefits of Full Depth Reclamation Treatments

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) is a common method of roadway renovation that uses the existing base structure of the road. FDR combines the existing pavement with a predetermined portion of the underlying material into a newer, more stable sub base. Roadway flexibility and strength are increased, and its susceptibility to moisture and rutting are decreased.

FDR can completely rehabilitate the roadway while utilizing existing materials. Prices start at $16.00 per square yard on average.

FDR uses fewer materials than reconstruction, requiring fewer vehicles to transport, thereby generating less CO2 and little to no worksite waste. This not only saves time but also reduces the environmental impact.

FDR using asphalt emulsion binder or a combination of emulsion and cement can result in a more flexible roadbed that costs less to maintain over its lifetime.

Engineered emulsion can allow for a return to traffic the same day that the treatment is applied, resulting in significant production-related cost savings.

Best Practices

  • Take samples of roadway at a minimum of one per mile or per change in material.
  • Submit sample for an engineered mix design to be prepared.
  • Calibrate all application equipment.
  • Use a 400 HP minimum reclaimer for best mixing.
  • Compact material using a pad foot roller.
  • Use a motor grader to shape roadway.
  • Final compaction should be achieved using pneumatic and then steel wheel rollers.
  • Release traffic after sufficient curing has occurred.

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