Protect your roads and your budget.

Oftentimes, the "worst first" approach is applied to road repair.

Instead, consider protecting your investment and applying regular pavement preservation treatments to prevent road deterioration.




The typical life of

an untreated road*


After 15 years,

the condition of a typical untreated road drops by almost half.

From there...

pavement conditions
decline even faster.

Once a road is in

“crisis stage,”

preventative options are no longer an option, and costly, involved full-rehab is needed.


Get in front of the crisis.

The concept of

Pavement Preservation

Pavement preservation is more than just a collection set of treatments. It's a long-term way of thinking, planning and preserving roads and budgets.





The typical life of a

properly preserved road*

The key

Apply the right treatment, at the right time, before the pavement experiences any structural damage.

TIME PAVEMENT CONDITION INDEX (PCI) 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Fog Seal Chip Seal Micro Surfacing Scrub Seal Thin Lift Overlay 1 YEAR 0

The result

Timely preservation treatments will extend a road's service life and significantly reduce budget demands now and in the future.

*The strategy depicted in the graph above is just one of many. Various pavement preservation treatments can be used in combination to protect good roads for 40+ years.