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By now you've learned the basics of pavement preservation. Now let's see how your choices impact the overall network PCI during a three-year period.

*Keep in mind! This is a conceptual exercise based on a typical roadway network. The lessons you'll learn here will work for any size roadway network and any size budget.

Your goals

  1. Maximize the average PCI of the roadway network over a three-year period.
  2. Maximize the allotted budget with the appropriate treatments.
  3. Use the Balanced Approach Method to treat pavement between 60-95 PCI first.

The roadway
network makeup

Within this sample roadway network there are five sections, each with a varying PCI level. As such, each section requires a specific treatment that fits its unique condition.

By applying the right treatment to the right road at the right time, you can maximize both your budget and the network's overall PCI.


Year {{currentYear}}

Annual budget:

{{budget | currency : $ : 0}}

PCI change:

+ {{yearEndAveragePCIs[currentYear] - yearEndAveragePCIs[currentYear - 1]}}'re off!

Select a section of pavement and begin inputting your choices.

Remember to think long term!

Keep inputting to see how your choices affect the network in year two.

You're almost there!

Keep doing all you can to improve the roadway network.

{{section.years[currentYear - 1].pciAverage | number:0}}
{{section.years[currentYear].pciAverage | number:0}}

UNTREATED: {{section.years[currentYear - 1].untreated.yards}} SQ.YDS.

UNTREATED: {{section.years[currentYear].untreated.yards}} SQ.YDS.


If you've made the best use of your budget, calculate the new PCI average for the full roadway network.

Calculate Average Network PCI

Nice Work.

Your decisions led to some improvements in the roadway network. Your average PCI has gone up!

Well darn.

Your PCI is stuck in neutral. Try again and remember to use the Balanced Approach Method!


The overall PCI got worse. Did you forget to use the Balanced Approach Method? Give it another shot!

Revise year {{currentYear}} plan
Make a Plan for Year {{currentYear + 1}}
View Final Results
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Here are your results

Year {{$index}} {{pci}}

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and improve your knowledge.

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